By the age of 2½-3 years, the Mother Goose children are comfortable with being left in a school environment, and have started to adapt individually to their surroundings. At this point, we move the children into a transitional group which we call Toddlers.

The Toddler group acts as a transition between the two sides of the school, namely the younger children, and the older students. We begin to see advanced language/English development at this age, which we foster through the introduction of a British learning program called Jolly Phonics. Within this program, children learn to associate each letter of the alphabet with a corresponding sound rather than the name of the letter, to better prepare them for learning to read and write in our older groups. This also helps them associate the general shape of the letters, and identify them for future writing projects. The toddler group begins to work with basic pencil control, and are taught the digital-pronate grasp, which is the age-appropriate grip for creative applications.

Also at this age we see the completion of the potty training program, the development of more structures daily routines, and a more child-centered focus through artistic expression as our toddlers explore their individual creative processes.