Sick Policy

Mother Goose® International Pre-school promotes a safe and healthy environment for their students and staff. The purpose of the sick policy is to identify sick children and protect our children and staff from infectious illnesses.

It is the childs over all well being that dictates if the child should be at school or not. A fever is not always the deciding factor. If your child is tired, has a lack of appetite or is irritable then this is sufficient reason for them to stay at home. Your child has to have sufficient energy to participate in all school activities to attend.

If your child shows symptoms of being sick the school will call you. You must pick up your child within one hour of being notified by the pre-school.

Please do not send your child to school if they have the following symptoms:

Stomach flu - Your child must not have any loose stools or diarrhea for forty eight hours before returning to pre-school.
Fever - Your child must be fever free for twenty four hours before returning to pre-school.
Chicken pox - Children must stay home if they have a fever and may return to pre-school when the poxes have dried.
Streptococcal infections - This includes illnesses such as strep throat, scarlet fever, impetigo should be treated with antibiotics. Your child may return to pre-school no earlier than 2 days after receiving medicine.
Pink eye / Conjunctivitis - Remains contagious as long as the eye continues to tear and produce a discharge. Signs and symptoms of pink eye/conjunctivitis usually improve within three to seven days. When tearing and discharge are no longer present your child may return to pre-school.
Lice - Your child may return to pre-school when they are lice free.
All medicine should be given at home. The pre-school only gives medicine in cases of asthma or allergies.

If your child is sick please notify the pre-school before 9.00am.

For more information see Socialstyrelsen Smitta i förskolan Socialstyrelsen smitta i förskolan