Mother Goose Pre-Schools - Stockholm

Our working methods

Children in pre-schools are learning the basic skills of life.  Positive support and clear guidance gives children a safe educational and nurturing environment in which they can explore and grow. It is important that each child has the opportunity to develop at their own pace. The Swedish revised curriculum for the pre-school, Lpfö98, contains goals to aim for and not attainment goals. We therefore follow the child's development based on their individual circumstances. We work with projects in small groups of five to six children from the children's interest and discussions.

We see working with projects as an opportunity for learning and creating new skills. We encourage children in their work, provide opportunities and materials to develop their creativity and allow their imagination to run free.

We create a warm and safe atmosphere through fun and educational activities where both children and adults can flourish. We teach children to take others in consideration and encourage them to make new friends.

Our pedagogical working methods are instilled in a deep humanistic attitude to life based on the belief of human potential, deep respect for the child and a belief, that all children are born intelligent, with a strong intrinsic motivation to explore the world. The children develop cognitively and their independence.

Mother Goose® International Pre-school offers child care from 6.30 to 18.30 Monday to Friday. The pre-school's current opening hours are 7.00 to 17.30 which meet our families needs.

Our employees take their annual vacation during the month of July. One Mother Goose® International Pre-school remains open during the month of July for families that require child care.