The Nursery group represents our youngest Mother Goose® students, and is made up of children starting at only 12 months of age.

We at Mother Goose® feel that the earliest and initial separation from the parents is the hardest, and needs to be fostered in a safe and caring environment. From here, the school can provide stability throughout not only this process, but also serve as a comfort for early education.

We teach based on the philosophy that establishing a positive educational environment early on can help build the foundation for a lifetime of success in learning. In the nursery group, we help each child build a personal self-confidence, not only through independence from their parents, but also through achieving independence in daily routines and activities. Potty training is introduced and encouraged together with parents. As an International Pre-school, we also teach the English language through complete immersion, starting most of our students on a bilingual journey at this early age.