The oldest students in our schools make up the K2 groups, and represent the final preparatory development for transition into the early elementary schools. The students have, by this point within Mother Goose®, been fully integrated into the Jolly Phonics learning program, and are becoming adept at reading and writing on their own.

The children also begin to more completely understand their role within the world around them, as they participate in awareness lessons involving themes such as their influence on the environment.

We at Mother Goose® use use activity-centered math curriculum for early childhood education. This curriculum is taught using interactive activities, learning games and positive reinforcement of these ideas.

The K2 experience is customized to meet each childs individual needs: socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Our daily programs incorporate emergent curriculums which stimulate each childs unique interests, curiosity, sense of discovery and the empowerment of one’s own ideas and feelings!